The Most Effective Marketing Strategies When Selling a Home

by | Jan 27, 2022

To sell your house in Montreal, the right marketing strategies are essential. Typically, a seasoned realtor knows what it takes to move homes quickly while getting sellers a premium price. Even so, a little bit of self-education never hurts to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Marketing Strategies That Yield Optimal Results

Choosing a real estate professional is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Again, the right individual has a good handle on the marketing strategies that work versus those that waste time. However, as the seller, it’s always beneficial to understand strategies that yield the best outcome for yourself.

Below are some of the most effective marketing strategies used today to sell homes in Montreal.

Create a Video

A video of a home’s interior and exterior is far more impressive than just photos. That doesn’t mean that professional photos aren’t valuable, but with a video, you give potential buyers a completely different perspective.

This is especially beneficial if you want to broaden your targeted audience. With a video, you can reach buyers from all over the world. So, if someone wants to purchase a home but can’t see it in person, they have the next best thing. Most importantly, you want a video that moves slowly, has great visuals, and is easy to navigate.

Offer a Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of your house in Montreal is somewhat different from a video. Primarily, it’s interactive. That means a person can virtually stop in a room and then pivot to see all four walls. They can open doors, go outside, look around, take snapshots, and more.

Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

Today, an increasing number of homebuyers find properties they like on social media sites. Take Facebook as a prime example. This particular platform has several groups dedicated to sellers. That makes it easy to provide details, as well as upload photos and videos.

The great thing about social media sites is that they’re highly effective when it comes to attracting buyers. At the same time, they get the attention of people who know someone interested in purchasing a home. For example, a family member or friend of an individual who wants to buy could see a post. In turn, they pass the information along to the potential buyer.

Use Professional Photographs

As mentioned, professional photographs are still an excellent marketing strategy. However, the operative word is “professional.” Some realtors list homes for sale using photos provided by the seller. Unfortunately, they often include clutter, or they’re too dark for a buyer to discern anything.

A respected realtor will insist on having professional photos taken. The photographer will showcase your Montreal home in a way that helps it stand out from other properties. Ultimately, you can sell faster and for the asking price.

Make Your Listing Mobile-friendly

Whether your real estate agent lists your house on a website or as part of a blog, it needs to be mobile-friendly. It’s for not just the 81% of millennials who rely on mobile devices but also other generations. With busy schedules, most homebuyers find it easier and more convenient to search for houses using their smartphone or tablet. So, don’t overlook this important marketing strategy.

Get the Selling Results You Want

The best way to accomplish that is by working with Anthony D’ Anello. His years of experience in and vast knowledge of the real estate market are what you need. Using marketing strategies such as those mentioned, plus more, will make all the difference. To list your Montreal home today, give him a call.