Anthony D’Anello – An Expert in Montreal’s Residential Real Estate Market

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make when buying a home has to do with hiring the right real estate agent. The Montreal housing market can change quickly, so you want to have someone with years of experience and in-depth knowledge on your side.

Regardless of when you purchase a home, it’s important to work with a skilled realtor. Especially in the current seller’s market, it’s even more crucial. With limited inventory, you could face several challenges. Not only does that make it difficult to find a house that matches your criteria, but it’s also extra challenging to get a property at the price you’re willing to pay. This is where Anthony D’Anello can help.

Guiding You to an Ideal Property

Although prices for homes in Montreal continue to soar, Anthony D’Anello puts his real estate experience to work to find great properties for his clients and within their price point. Even if you come across a house that’s listed for more than you want to spend, he does an excellent job negotiating with sellers.

Considering analysts predict that home prices in Montreal will keep going up, you need a realtor like Anthony on your side.

A New Landscape Following the Pandemic

Many real estate professionals thought the Montreal housing market would go bust after the start of COVID-19. However, it appears the opposite happened. Single-family homes and condominiums sell quickly. Experts predict the following increases:

  • Single-story homes – In the Greater Montreal area, it’s expected that one-story houses will increase by as much as 6 percent. That would put the average asking price around $520,000.
  • Two-story homes – As for houses with two stories, experts anticipate a 7 percent increase, pushing the median price to about $655,000.
  • Condominiums – With a projected 3.75 percent increase, condominiums in Montreal will remain affordable at a median price of $380,000.

Working on the Client’s Behalf

Anthony D’Anello understands the residential housing market in Montreal. He also has extensive knowledge of the different areas of the city. Those two things give him an advantage over other realtors.

There’s no reason to get frustrated if you’re interested in buying a home in Montreal. Instead, allow him to do a large part of the work on your behalf. To ensure you find what you want, Anthony will gather pertinent information from you.

That’s another area of real estate that gives Anthony an edge. Rather than focus on the more traditional outlets when searching for homes that match his clients’ criteria, he takes a much broader approach. As such, he’s able to uncover properties that perhaps other realtors don’t know about and, therefore, have not presented as options.

Securing an Excellent Deal

In addition to Anthony’s expertise in Montreal’s residential housing market, he works with the best lenders. While houses are more expensive, it’s still possible to secure a loan with excellent terms and low interest.

Even with rising property values in Montreal, homes are still more affordable compared to other parts of Canada, including Toronto. If the market in Montreal continues on an upward trajectory for a while and you get in on a great deal, you can sell the house within a short amount of time for a nice profit.

Get the Personalized Service You Deserve

To find your ideal home at the right price, talk to Anthony D’Anello. He takes his work seriously and will work tirelessly to ensure client satisfaction.

Let’s Work Together