Anthony D’Anello – Trusted Realtor for Commercial Real Estate

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the commercial real estate market in Montreal struggled a little bit. However, it then surprised a lot of experts who predicted complete failure. At least for a while, this market segment was on fire. For much of 2020, the commercial real estate market proved resilient.

With a second lockdown in the third quarter of last year, though, the market slowed down. At that time, Montreal’s commercial real estate market saw a decline of 27 percent from the same reporting period the prior year. Even with further declines, real estate professionals started to see new investment activity at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

That involved several key projects. These showed a positive turnaround for the commercial market. The following are a few examples of these:

  • Carrefour Langelier – The $62 million acquisition of this shopping center made this the second-biggest transaction in the latter part of 2020. An empty retail building adjacent to the mall spreads across 1.26 acres.
  • Olymbec to Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust – Uncertainties in the commercial real estate market didn’t stop this investor from completing acquisitions in Montreal. In the third quarter of 2020, it finalized the $82 million acquisition of a 12-building industrial portfolio.
  • 1445-1455 de la Montagne Street – Carttera acquired a little less than an acre of the surface parking lot in the heart of Montreal for $48.5 million. At some point, this will become the location of a residential development project.

Making Things Happen

For many people, it’s exciting to see Montreal’s commercial real estate market coming back to life. That’s particularly true for Anthony D’Anello. As a highly respected realtor that caters to both the residential and commercial markets, he strives to find the right properties for the clients he serves.

Anthony puts his expertise to work to ensure his clients have the opportunity to view specific types of buildings they’re interested in. He also provides them with options in the desired location at a competitive price.

As the commercial segment of real estate continues to rebound, it is important to work with a real estate agent who understands both the market and the client’s needs. Anthony has the unique ability to seamlessly bring the two together.

100 Percent Client Dedication

Perhaps you’re rebuilding a business following the pandemic. Maybe you’re ready to start a new company. You might be planning to move to Montreal from somewhere else in North America to start up a business. Regardless of the reason, you will never regret putting your trust in Anthony D’Anello.

As the commercial real estate sector in Montreal bounces back, you’ll see fiercer competition among buyers and investors. So, you want to put yourself in a position of strength. This is where Anthony can help. Using his experience, knowledge, skills, and networks, he’ll find what you need, whether that is a small building for a start-up company or a multi-story facility to accommodate your growing business.

Let’s Work Together