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People seeking to buy a home in Montreal or invest in commercial real estate know where to turn. As an expert in both market segments, Anthony D’Anello helps clients find the right property based on their specific needs. He also provides a wealth of information for people who want to buy real estate overseas.

The Sky’s the Limit

There’s no shortage of places where you can buy international real estate. If that’s something you’re interested in, first determine the experience you hope to have. For example, if you want a home on the beach where you and your family can travel several times a year for fun and relaxation, Mexico has some incredible locations.

On the other hand, you might want to invest in commercial property to serve as a second location for your company. If that entails moving your company’s operations to a South American country, you could use another location in that country to grow the business.

Regardless if you want a vacation home or a commercial property, you need to work closely with a skilled real estate agent. Based in Montreal, Anthony D’Anello can introduce you to numerous options in Canada. Apart from that, he can recommend locations in the United States, as well as destinations outside of North America.

Key Factors to Consider

Before packing up and leaving your current location, you want to consider a few important things about buying a vacation home or business location in another country.

  • Cost of Living – Make sure you know what it’ll cost to live or operate a business in a different country. Depending on where you want to go, you could save a tremendous amount of money or spend far more than anticipated. The goal is to make sure that buying a vacation home or commercial property makes good financial sense.
  • Foreign Laws – The laws for owning homes and businesses vary from one country to another. This is something you need to know as part of your overall plan. While many overseas countries allow foreigners to buy real estate, they also require them to pay for permits and register with the government.
  • Financing – There’s also the financing aspect to consider. Again, every country has different rules. As an example, some places require foreign residents to buy a life insurance policy. That way, the country feels protected if something unexpected happens.
  • Taxes – It’s nearly impossible to get away from taxes, even in a different country. Especially on homes and commercial property overseas, it’s common for buyers to get taxed at the time of purchase and then again when they sell.

Make Sure Your Dream Doesn’t Turn Into a Nightmare

There’s something very enticing about buying a vacation home or business property in a different country. For that reason, some people make bad decisions that turn their dream into a nightmare. It’s important to consider every possible scenario and work with a trusted realtor to help guide the way.

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