What You Should Know When You’re a First-Time Home Seller in Montreal

by | May 16, 2021

The process of selling your house is different from that of buying a new one. Understanding how to sell your home for the first time will go a long way toward helping you be successful with the process.

Picking the Right Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent will carefully look over the market to find similar homes. Knowing comps for the area is an important piece to your selling strategy and helps inform your agent of an appropriate listing price for your own house. Agents can also talk to buyers for you and negotiate with them. When you choose an agent, you will want to ask them how they have helped other first-time sellers in the area to better understand how they will help you with the process.

When choosing an agent, you should not go with a friend or acquaintance who only does a bit of work in real estate. Instead, picking an experienced agent will go a long way toward helping you get the best price for your home.

Consider Staging the Home

You can ask the agent whether you should consider staging your house before putting it on the market. When considering staging, a good rule of thumb is usually to take out somewhere around half of your things and furniture. That way, it will look more spacious, but the buyer will still visualize themselves living in the house. You can also do some painting to improve the home’s appearance, too.

Ask Your Agent About Listing the Home

You will want to work with the agent to find the best time to list the home. The right time can vary some depending on the year, local area, and even the weather. The first time the house is on the market is often the best time to make a great first impression, so it should be on a great day.

Show Your Home

When you have someone coming to look at your house, it is best to be flexible since they are critical in helping buyers make up their minds. You will want to leave home if possible, so consider being away the first weekend you have listed your house. Buyers often feel more comfortable when they know the owner is not in the home. You should give the buyer quiet and space when looking at your home.

You can also have an open house. Of course, not every home is an excellent candidate to do this. For example, if you live near significant traffic, you will often receive more visitors. If it is in a more rural area, there might not be enough people to make it worthwhile. Discuss this option with your agent.

Closing Thoughts

Being a first-time home seller can seem daunting initially, but working with the right agent can make the experience less scary and more successful. They can guide you through the process and ensure that you get the price you are looking for on your home.